Positive Behaviour for Learning

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We are Caring

We care by:

  • Being aware of other's feelings
  • Looking after other children
  • Helping tidy up
  • Solving conflicts peacefully
  • Looking after other people's belongings
  • Taking pride in ourselves and our school

We are Achieving

We achieve by:

  • Trying our best
  • Being positive
  • Actively participating in all activities
  • Celebrating success

We are Respectful

We are respectful by:

  • Being considerate towards others
  • Respecting property, equipment and the environment
  • Using our manners
  • Using respectful language

We are Responsible

We are responsible by:

  • Looking after our own things
  • Being honest
  • Taking ownership of what we choose to do
  • Being prepared for learning
  • Solving problems in appropriate ways, such as using our WITS:
    - Walking Away
    - Ignoring
    - Talking it out
    - Seeking help

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